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Goldfinch Cottage
Goldfinch Cottage
You now pass through a truck-sized tunnel under the M3 and enter Place Lane where you will find the Manor House and Goldfinch Cottage on your right, just before you cross the Winchester to Southampton main road - the Roman Road from Clausentum mentioned earlier.
Whilst Oliver Cromwell was laying siege to Winchester in 1643 one of his officers - a Captain Barnard - called with his troop at Goldfinch Cottage to request food and lodging for the night from the Goldfinches.
The householder was not too pleased, since his own wife was about to give birth, and any available food and drink was to be used to celebrate that event - but he gave permission for the troop to sleep in the barn if they wished.
Barnard promised that he and his men would be no trouble, and asked that if the child should be a boy perhaps he might be christened Barnard?
A boy was duly born, and Barnard Goldfinch was buried 75 years later in Compton churchyard.